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Establishing Guardianships For Minors And Adults

Minors, minors with special needs who are becoming adults, and adults with physical or mental limitations may require someone who can advocate on their behalf to ensure they get the assistance they require. Through guardianship, a judge can appoint a guardian or protector to manage their financial affairs and other daily responsibilities.

At the Law Office Of Danielle Gregory in Indianapolis, I can provide you with the assistance you need to establish guardianship or conservatorship for them to protect their interests and see that their needs are met. I’m a family law attorney with more than two decades of experience navigating Indiana law and courts. My experience includes serving as a guardian ad litem, a court-appointed representative for children in divorce and custody cases. I understand the many nuances of these cases.

Take The First Step To Secure A Guardianship

When it comes to protecting the vulnerable, establishing guardianship is a profound step toward ensuring their well-being and security. The process can seem overwhelming, but with the right legal guidance, you can navigate it with confidence.

At the Law Office Of Danielle Gregory, I leverage my extensive experience in family law to support you through every phase of establishing guardianship for a vulnerable minor or adult. Reach out to me today at 317-961-9122 to discuss how I can help you secure a guardianship that safeguards the interests and needs of those you care for most.