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Guidance For Your Direct Appeal Of A Family Law Or Criminal Law Decision

If you are not satisfied with the verdict or outcome in your case, you have the opportunity to request an appeal. An appeal is not a retrial, but it does offer an opportunity for a different outcome.

Whether you would like a review of your criminal or family law case, I would be happy to help. I’m lawyer Danielle Gregory, in Indianapolis. I’m a former public defender and family law attorney with 25-plus years of experience.

Experience You Can Count On For Your Appeal

One of the most important factors in receiving a satisfactory verdict is obtaining proper counsel. You need an attorney who understands all aspects of your case, as well as the Indiana laws and specific details surrounding it. It can sometimes take hours and hours of research and planning to present a solid case. I understand what it takes to be successful, and I will invest the time and effort to put my best foot forward.

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Legal troubles rarely come cheap, but I have payment options available to help you afford the representation that you deserve. Even if you think you cannot afford an attorney, give me a call at 317-961-9122 for a free 15-minute consultation.